Hotel – Gastronomic restaurant- Organic Spa
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Organic, natural and elegant lifestyle in Provence

You will fall in love with :

This magnificent 16th century castle located in the middle of nature

with its 10-hectare domain

Majestic trees, its natural pond and organic vegetable garden

An outstanding spa dedicated to your well-being

Indoor and outdoor heated pools

Gastronomic restaurant and summer bistrot

Reception rooms for various events

A Large car park equipped with electric recharging stations

Our biodynamic wine estate: La Guicharde

Located a few steps from Orange and Avignon, in Vaucluse




A beautiful mix of a luxurious and eco-friendly surrounding in south of France

32 rooms and suites overlooking nature following feng shui principles. They are welcoming and sophisticated, designed according to the principles of feng shui, you will enjoy comfort, the strict choice of components, the high-quality materials and fabrics, the organic and eco-friendly atmosphere.



All aspects contribute to a green-minded stay, near Avignon, France.


Organic and seasonal gastronomy

Christophe Chiavola, our talented chef and his brigade are committed to prepare each dish in harmony wiht Mother Nature. To that end, the Chef gets some inspiration from his fertile, organic and ecocert certified vegetable garden, which enables him to give his food all its character according to the season.



Well-being in harmony with nature

Our 600m² brand new organic spa was designed to offer you rejuvenation and equilibrium in harmony with nature. At the front desk, you are welcomed by a custom-made sculputure of a four-metre bamboo tree, overlooking the park, by high-end minerals and plants, light games surrounding you in a veil of softness.

Get some rest at the organic spa


History of the Castle

Didier Perréol, the owner of Le Château de Massillan has devoted his life to the organic world.

Son of a farmer from Ardèche, self-made entrepreneur, he set up Ekibio, one of the French leaders in organic food. He discovered quinoa - the sacred seed of the Incas - in Bolivia, in 1989, and introduced it in France and Europe.

The story :

Didier was seduced by le Château de Massillan, which used to be the hunting lodge of Henry II and Diane de Poitiers. He then decided to buy this 16th century castle in 2013 to set up a different hotel dedicated to the organic and eco-responsible lifestyle.


Our philosophy

Marie and Didier Perréol :

They have highlighted the modern charm of the Château de Massillan mixing history and modernity, bringing today's comfort and respecting nature. Didier takes care of the management and the major works and Marie looks after the image of the domain, as well as the decoration and the atmosphere of the place. They are a beautiful couple and want the hotel to fit their beliefs. Marie, Didier, and their team are happy to open their doors for this magical place to be a little bit yours...

Eco-renovation and construction :

From 2014 to 2018, the Château de Massillan benefited from ambitious renovation programs managed by Didier and Marie during the winter period in order to create new spaces for accommodation, catering and reception rooms in the old derelict buildings. In 2019, a magnificent spa, 4 additional bedrooms and a beautiful roof terrace of 2,00m² overlooking the park were built. Ecological requirements were at the heart of these construction sites, as well as the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, lime paint, hemp insulation, vertical geothermal energy ... All the work was done according to the principles of Feng Shui to balance energy and improve the quality of life of our guests.

How to come to the Chateau de Massillan

730 chemin de massillan
84 100 Uchaux - Provence

Tel. : +33 (0)4 90 40 64 51

How to come to the Chateau de Massillan


How to come to the Chateau de Massillan

730 chemin de massillan
84 100 Uchaux - Provence

Phone : +33 (0)4 90 40 64 51

How to come to the Chateau de Massillan

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