The gastronomic restaurant in Uchaux to reconcile with nature

The gastronomic restaurant in Uchaux, at the Château de Massillan, does more than offer a high quality table. It is a state of mind, a certain way of seeing the relationship with nature that is served to you. Let's discover together the menu.

A gastronomic restaurant in the Vaucluse close to nature

Nature is the key word of the gastronomic restaurant in Provence, the M, the table of the Château de Massillan. It is a global approach, common to both the hotel and the restaurant, which wants nature to be respected so that it offers the best to put on the plate. It starts with the vegetable garden. 4000 m² of certified organic land, hidden in the magnificent wooded park of the castle, provides the vegetables of yesterday and today as well as the edible flowers of the plates offered at the table of this refined restaurant in Provence. Everything is produced with respect for nature and to offer you dishes revisited in a gourmet and original way. The quality is also that of the local producers with whom the restaurant team works and in particular the chef Mickaël Furnon. It is also the respect of the seasonality of the products, and it is a certain love of Provence, essential to pay tribute to it on the menu of this gastronomic restaurant in Uchaux.

A refined restaurant in Provence in a unique setting

At Château de Massillan, you have two choices for your meals. There is the M* for its gastronomic table and the Bistro Madi. Its table by the outdoor pool is more convivial, more festive. And yet, it is just as much a gastronomic restaurant in Uchaux, where the vegetables from the garden, the biodynamic wine from the vineyard, the oil from the olive grove and the water produced at the castle will delight you as much as at the M*.

Finally, and for the two tables of the Château de Massillan, the decoration of the place contributes greatly to the charm of this gastronomic restaurant in the Vaucluse. Elegant room, view on the park and the old stones of the castle, fountain for outside decoration, your evenings and your meal in the restaurant will take a romantic turn in a snap of finger.

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