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Le M


Restaurant le M is open for dinner from 7.15pm to 9.45pm, Wednesday to Saturday 
Places are limited, please book in advance.

Temporary closure from February 12 to March 6, 2024
Bistro Madi will take over during this period.


Menu Le M


Gastronomy and seasonal products on the menu

Sebastien Nouveau, our talented chef and his brigade are committed to prepare each dish in harmony with Mother Nature. To that end, the Chef gets some inspiration from his fertile, organic and ecocert certified vegetable garden, which enables him to give his food all its character according to the season.A cuisine based on the simplicity and quality of the ingredients - often organic, but preferably regional – prepared with taste and subtelty by the chef.



Le M Restaurant

Le M invites you to experience a natural and inventive gourmet meal cooked with our organic vegetable garden and seasonal products. The fresh and inventive meals created by Sebastien Nouveau give a rainbow of colors and flavors prepared in harmony with its environment.The dining room of the Château de Massillan with its modern decor, adorned with a striking green color through the large bay windows overlooks the magnificent park, its avenue of century-old plane trees and its bucolic pond. During the beautiful summer evenings of south of France, the gastronomic restaurant is set up in the inner courtyard around the fountain. Enjoying refined dishes in timeless atmosphere is a unique experience. Le M will reopen on july 8th and welcome you for dinner every thursday, friday and saturday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.


Our high quality and eco-responsible Water

The Château de Massillan has chosen exceptional quality water with a neutral taste and no impact on the environment. Served in elegantly designed bottles, CRYO water can be still or sparkling and is produced and refreshed directly at the Château de Massillan. We aimed at an eco-responsible behavior by reducing the production of bottles and their transportation.


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