Bio Spa enProvence, The Château de Massillan for a unique eco-responsible experience in South of France

If the Château de Massillan is an extraordinary establishment, installed in a magnificent old building, its organic Spa in Provence is even more exceptional. Let's visit a unique place in the Vaucluse region.

The Bio Spa of the Château de Massillan in the Vaucluse, well-being and respect for nature go hand in hand

The whole approach of the Château de Massillan, located in Uchaux in the south of France, revolves around respect for nature and eco-responsibility. This is not a commercial approach but an operating principle and everything is designed with this in mind. That's why this Organic Spa near Avignon is so atypical. Its singularity is due first of all to its decoration, very mineral and homage to the multi-century stones of the Château de Massillan. This gives a soothing tone to the place. Even the elements of the fitness room are adorned with wood, which gives you an idea of the research work done to pay tribute to nature and well-being. The respect of the ecological principles of this Organic Spa of Provence is found in all the details, to the technical aspects with the geothermal energy to heat the water, to the recovery of water for the watering of the park, to the use of bathrobes in organic cotton or the organic cleaning products. Beyond bringing you comfort, the whole installation is already exceptional, this Organic Spa of the Vaucluse at 10 km from Orange brings you the satisfaction of taking care of yourself without impacting the environment. The watchword of the Château de Massillan : to reconcile the Art of living Bio and Eco-responsible

The facilities of the organic Spa du Vaucluse, the top of the range in the region

In the whole Vaucluse, from Avignon to Uchaux, it is difficult to find a more sophisticated equipment. The huge space of this organic Spa de Provence combine the best of the best. There is not one but two saunas, one of which is herbal, in addition to the classic version. If there is an outdoor pool, the Château de Massillan is after all a luxious hotel, the one of this Spa Organic in Avignon is indoor and heated. On this area, you will find a dozen hydromassage points, a waterfall, all in a neat mineral decor. Among the facilities, there is also a multi-jet shower, a waterfall, as well as treatment and massage rooms with organic and biodynamic care products, and designed to welcome you as a solo or duo. Aquabiking, resting room, hammam, a wooden terrace made of bamboo, fitness area... More than a set of equipment, the organic and luxury Spa in Provence of the Château de Massillan is above all a concept, that of excellence in terms of ecological spa. Well-being, relaxation, respect for nature, everything is combined during a stay in a breathtaking setting a few kilometres from Orange.

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