Organic spa of the Chateau de Massillan

More than 600m² - Sensory pool and treatment cabins



A haven of peace - A natural interlude near Avignon, France


You will love our organic spa at Chateau de Massillan

Our heated sensory pool with its 12 hydromassage zones

Hammam and saunas

Multi-jet showers

Invigorating ice fountain

Waterfall bucket fountain

Healing room 5 treatment cabins, including 2 duo cabins

Rejuvenation room


Fitness room

Visit our organic spa

Our body treatment and massage menu

The three pillars of well-being are

An environment appropriate for rejuvenation

Attentive professionals listening to you

Organic products respecting your body and our environment

The philosophy of our Organic Spa

The objective of the Massillan organic spa was to create a welcoming place fitting the values of Massillan, i.e. the organic and eco-responsible art of living. You have access to organic and biodynamic care products, wooden decoration (oak and bamboo), disposable bamboo accessories, organic cotton linen, washable and reusable flip-flops, water fountains to avoid plastic bottles, organic cleaning products.

The pool water is partly heated by vertical geothermal energy which recovers heat from 16 boreholes located 100m deep and a heat pump. Our treatment plant dehumidifies the air in the basin and recovers the calories for heating before throwing the air out. The filtered water is treated to be recycled to water the park. Rainwater is recovered with an integrated reserve of 100m² in the basement of the spa building. The pool jets and the clocks are set on a timer. This space offers you a new concept and high-end equipment mixed with modernity and nature.

A unique experience


Sensory spa area

Our 67m² heated pool offers you relaxation and invigoration. Come and enjoy an aquatic and playful journey with relaxing, massaging, draining and toning effects thanks to a dozen zones surrounded by nature (a geyser on the ground for maximum relaxation, a Cobra shower to massage your neck, a multi-tonic zone to massage your back, stomach and waist at the same time, a hydromassage bed, a counter-current swim, 2 bikes to pedal with counter-current jets).

Schedule and access to the balneo area

All days open from 10h to 20h

Price to have access to the balneo area for hotel guests - 35€ per person for 2 hours

For external customers, the access is possible only for those having a care treatment or a meal at the restaurant.

Access for people over 16 years old only

The access includes access to the sensory basin, hammam, saunas, multi-jet shower and a rest room with a coded locker, a bath towel and bathrobe and a pair of flip-flops.


Wellness Area

Relax and take care of yourself. Different areas were designed to keep everyone's privacy.

You will enjoy hammam with its starry sky, traditional sauna at 80°, herbal sauna at 65° with a panoramic view on the zen garden, our unique shower with 5 ceiling lights spreading water jets as you go along, offering a set of lights and sound effects (3 programs to choose from), invigorating ice fountain, bucket waterfall, a peaceful lounge with lemonade and dried fruit and a relaxation area with comfortable deckchairs.


Treatments and Massages

The 5 cozy cabins will take you to a real haven of peace. We have 3 solo and 2 duo cabins, including 1 VIP cabin with a private resting bed and a breathtaking view of the park and its magnificent century-old plane trees. Everything has been thought for your well-being; large, top-of-the-range, heated massage tables with armrests, sound-proof partitions and doors, indirect dimmable lighting, linen curtains, solid oak wooden floor. Following your massage, you can snuggle up in your warm bathrobe heated by the towel dryer available in each cabin, then relax in our cocooning relaxation room, on a heated relaxation armchair, lulled by soft music with an organic tea.

Schedule of the body treatment area

All days open from 10h to 19h – On Fridays and Saturdays open from 10h to 20h and on Sundays from 10h to 17h – Taking an appointment is recommended.


Body treatment and massage menu

Our brands

The organic spa is a BIOVIVE partner spa, a brand committed to the preservation of the environment, offering treatments based on the bio-energetic® method: a phyto-active formula based on the regenerative power of fruit tree buds (fig, peach and cherry trees).


Each Dr. Hauschka’s cosmetic product is unique: it is based on a finely tuned synergy of medicinal plant extracts.
Most ingredients come from biodynamic cultivation, if not from controlled organic farming and fair trade.


For a beauty treatment respecting your skin, we use ZAO brand, which formulates 100% natural cosmetics with organic and vegan certified ingredients. Zao make-up is as effective and sensorial as conventional make-up in terms of texture, application, color and comfort, and respects the environment and your health. In addition, the packaging is refillable, for more ecological and economical products.




Eco-responsible fitness room

A welcoming fitness room, open to nature and the majestic entrance to the castle is available. The entire fitness room is made of oak (wooden floor, woodwork and of course the high-end sports equipment). You will discover our water-powered equipment. You will have access to treadmills, bicycles, rowing machines, incline benches, gym ladders, watergrinders, balance fits, weights, gym balls...


The Bamboo rooftop

A large and comfortable 200m² solarium rooftop with custom-made wooden pergolas and deckchairs is at your disposal to rest or stroll away from the sun. You can access the rooftop via the majestic circular oak staircase and its round glass tower.

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