A gastronomic restaurant in Provence in the heart of a castle

The Château de Massillan is the setting for the gastronomic restaurant in Provence le M. Is this the promise of a quality table? In reality, it is much more than that!

More than a refined restaurant in Provence, a concept

To speak of the flavors of the table of the M, the gastronomic restaurant in Provence of the Château de Massillan cannot be done without speaking about the castle itself. A magnificent 16th century building, it is an exceptional setting for all your indoor and outdoor dinners on summer evenings around the fountain. This little magical side of the Provencal nights brings a romantic touch so appreciable to the whole. But the quality of this gastronomic restaurant in the Vaucluse. But the quality of this hotel is to have known how to go to the end of its ideas. If the hotel is part of an important environmental approach, the restaurant does the same with its organic vegetable garden as the best example. 4000 m² certified ECOCERT bring a variety of vegetables, and forgotten vegetables, in a total respect of nature and flavors. Edible flowers are also planted, to enhance both the plate and the landscape aesthetics and demonstrate that nature has so much to offer.

A seductive hotel restaurant in Provence

40 km from Avignon and Montélimar, the Château de Massillan hides one of the most beautiful hotel establishments in the region. Chef Mickaël Furnion's dishes are an example of flavors and inventiveness, and dining at the M is a wonderful experience. But beyond the purely gastronomic aspect that cannot be questioned, it is also a philosophy that one comes to seek in this hotel-restaurant of Provence. The respect of the seasons, the products of the region, the authenticity of a production made on the spot and in the total respect of the rules of the Bio give another dimension to the plate. It complements particularly well with the wines of the domain of the establishment, wines produced in biodynamy to push the experience of respect and integration with nature to its paroxysm.

The M is a gastronomic restaurant in Provence that offers more than a spectacular plate in a historical setting, but also a beautiful natural experience.

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