The Château de Massillan, your spa hotel in Provence

The sun and the warmth of the south take on a very special flavor at the Château de Massillan, a spa hotel in Provence whose charm cannot leave you indifferent. Discover why.

Well-being hotel in Provence: the credo of the Château de Massillan

A wellness hotel in Provence is the best way to condense Château de Massillan into an expression. It says it all, starting perhaps with Provence. Less than 40 km from Orange, Montélimar, Avignon, or Châteauneuf-du-Pape, we are in the heart of a historic region with the City of the Popes or the ancient theater of Orange. It is also a wonderful natural setting to discover. All this is found in this spa hotel in Provence where the walls date from the 16th century and where nature is fully expressed. Eco-responsible approach, 10 hectares park, organic vegetable garden, biodynamic vineyard, nature has never been as free as in this 4 star establishment. This spa hotel in the Vaucluse region has pushed to the limit the idea of blending in with nature so as not to distort it while harvesting its best fruits. The result is an upscale hotel with rooms with a Provencal personality and perfectly equipped.

The Bio Spa of Provence

At the spa hotel in Provence, the Château de Massillan, we could talk about the gastronomic restaurant, the activities, the bistronomic restaurant, the winery and many other points. But perhaps it is his Bio Spa of Provence that speaks best of it. First of all, it is a 600 m² space with an indoor swimming pool with a sensory pool, a fitness room, a sauna, a hammam and an ice fountain, a rest room, treatment rooms, an aquabiking area, a solarium and a multi-jet shower. The list of services and facilities offered by the spa is impressive. But it doesn't matter. What really counts is the atmosphere that emanates from it. Calm and serenity are combined here with a total opening on the green spaces of the castle. You are no longer in an indoor swimming pool, you are in a little corner of paradise, the place where you will love to recharge your batteries and refocus on yourself.

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