The major priorities of sustainable development

 Château de Massillan - Hôtel éco-responsable Provence


A working group led by a state-qualified architect, a geo-biologist and an interior decorator oversaw the reorganisation of the space, with a view to transforming and improving the reception spaces and living conditions at the Chateau.


The main themes for the techniques and materials used for this project were the following:

  • Minimal environmental impact (types of materials used and where they are sourced from)

  • Energy management and reduced consumption

  • User comfort


All trades played a role in this project.


  • Insulation work (floors, walls and ceilings have been completed using an insulation material made 

    of hemp, which is 200 mm thick for greater efficiency.

  • The paints are lime-based and contain a maximum of 1 g per litre of volatile organic compounds 


  • The domestic hot water is heated by solar power, with additional hot water coming from geothermic heat pumps.

  • The joinery is all made from high-performance wood and aluminium. The manufacturer works to high environmental standards, offering highly-effective products designated with the Eco standard known as PEFC (wood sourced from within France from managed forests).

  • For the heating system, vertical geothermic probes were selected. A network of 600 metre-deep wells feed the heat pumps and ensure that there is sufficient power with minimal energy consumption.

  • Solar panels have been installed, and the water taps are fitted with an ‘eco-smart’ system.

  • LEDS have been chosen for the lighting, with intensity controls for different zones.